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10 Important Trailhead Badges to Achieve in 2020

What is Salesforce Trailhead?

  • Trailhead is a series of online tutorials that are useful even to novice users to learn Salesforce as well as to sharpen the already acquired skills. They are designed for self-paced learning on specific topics. Different tracks lead to different skills
  • Each Trailheads unit ends with assessment questions, by answering which, one can earn points and badges which authenticate your skills
  • Trailheads are free and are available to all registered users
  • Trailheads are regularly updated to cover newer topics
  • One can look for the relevance of trailheads by topic, job-role, content type, product, or level of experience.
  • Trailhead structure follows a specific hierarchy with Trails at the top, followed by modules below the trails. At the lowest level are units that together constitute a module.

What is a badge?

Badges are tiny pieces of recognition earned from Salesforce. Depending upon your skills and experience, badges are awarded as Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Upon log in Salesforce, a card is displayed next to your user id and your points and the number and types of badges earned are displayed in the card.

Trailhead points and badges certify your learning and experience and improve your prospects. With newer features and functions being added to Salesforce every year, the Trailheads also undergo updates. So, the credentials expected to be the most sought after in the coming year are briefly described here.

1) Continuing with the Credentials:

These are the badges that are essential to maintain the validity of certain salesforce certifications. There are badges linked to different certifications and completing them is a pre-requisite to continue holding on to these certifications.

2) Salesforce Mobile App:

Salesforce released a new version of the Salesforce Mobile app during October 2019 and so, this badge a must to reflect your familiarity with this version.

3) Sales Cloud with Lightening:

With an irreversible shift from Classic to Lightening, it is worthwhile earning the Super badge on Sales Cloud. This super badge covers the concepts of Data deduplication, Process Builder, and Lightning Reports, besides the usual Sales Cloud Concepts.

4) Enterprise Territory Management:

The erstwhile Territory Management has been replaced with the new Enterprise Territory Management, which makes it necessary to acquire the new badge.

5) Customer 360:

Customer 360 is the latest concept on Customers, offering a 360-degree view about a customer covering different angles. This being a new concept and is going to stay, refreshing your knowledge to cover Customer 360 is desirable.

6) Salesforce Einstein:

Einstein is proliferating within the Salesforce Platform with every new release. With the increasing presence of Einstein and the ever-growing impact it is likely to have, it is imperative to acquire in-depth knowledge about Einstein and how it can be implemented across different features and clouds.

7) Non-Profit Cloud:

Non-Profit is no longer an add-on package but is a full-fledged cloud. Therefore, it is essential that you learn and understand the Non-Profit Cloud features and functions afresh.

8) CPQ and Billing:

With Products and Price books slowly being relegated to the background, understanding Configuring Price Quote (CPQ) has become a pre-requisite for Billing. For being effective on Billing, you need to be adequately familiar with CPQ which implies that you work to acquire Advanced Billing Specialist Super badge

9) my Trailhead:

Unlike Trailheads, my Trailhead offers you features and functions using which you can customize the Train heads you are planning to use. Besides the usual Salesforce content, you can add custom modules, trails, and trail mixes as per your requirements. my Trailhead also facilitates branding for your company. Obviously, to make the most of the customizable trailheads, you need to learn metalheads fully.



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